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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does VPN77 do?

We add a new network connection, which you use just like a regular LAN in order to connect to the Internet. VPN77 encrypts all your data and changes you IP address for maximum online security.

Isn’t VPN the same as Proxy?

No, VPN77 does all the encrypting automatically and the encryption is much stronger. With proxies, you need to setup your applications manually.

So, VPN is like a regular ISP internet connection?

No, VPN77 doesn’t substitute your actual internet connection. You need to be already connected to the internet in order to make use of VPN.

How does my service provider see me when connected through VPN?

All your ISP can see is the server information. It will have no access to your data because your traffic is encrypted.

Will my device become slower?

No, the way VPN77 is built prevents you from experiencing connection and system slowdowns.

Does VPN77 allow me to watch movies and TV shows?

The majority of the video content is supported by VPN77.

In which countries are the VPN77 servers located?

Our servers are located in the US, Russia, and Ukraine.

Is my online history filed?

No, VPN77 doesn’t keep any logs of your browsing history.

Is the bandwidth limited?

No, VPN77 provides unlimited bandwidth.



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