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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which operating systems does VPN77 support?

You can use VPN77 on all operating systems, regardless of the device. The only thing you need to have in mind is that some OS might require manual setup.

Сan VPN77 work with a router?

Yes, as long as the router supports and of the protocols we use.

Can I use VPN77 on a public or friend’s device?

Yes, you can use VPN77 on any computer or device, as long as you have administrative access in order to set it up.

I have done all configurations; how can I check if I am using VPN77?

When you are done with the configs, please visit our testing page to find out if the setup has been successful.

What do I do if my Internet connection is slower than usual?

First, connect to the Internet without being connected to VPN77 and test your speed. If the slowdown persists, you can always change the VPN77 server you are connected to.

PPTP and L2TP are being blocked. Can I still use VPN77?

PPTP and L2TP are easily blocked by your ISP or firewall. You can still use VPN77 by switching to the OpenVPN protocol.

Which protocols does VPN77 support?

We support OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.



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